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ALEX AND ANI is all about creating meaningful, eco-conscious jewellery and accessories to positively empower and connect humanity. Their mission is to design products that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit. ALEX AND ANI‘s collections reflect a design aesthetic that celebrates each wearer’s unique essence.

ALEX AND ANI incorporates corporate consciousness in all they do. The wellbeing of the environment, the health of local and national economies, and the empowerment of customers are taken into account. The materials utilized are sustainable and derived from recycled metals using eco-conscious processes. 

Empowering consumers to enter the charitable world through their purchases, a portion of proceeds from all CHARITY BY DESIGN products are donated directly to non-profit organizations who strive to enhance the quality of lives on Earth. 

All ALEX AND ANI products are infused with positive energy. Each design is positively intended to empower the wearer and reflect the unique qualities of the individual. Some pieces carry sentimental meaning; others are talismans of protection, power, or intention. The beauty of each collection is that you are the designer. Mixing symbolic pieces with your own alchemy makes ALEX AND ANI completely and uniquely yours.