...there was a girl that was given the name of Nikki the day she wasborn. Her Spanish father and Dutch mother raised her to become a woman. A youngtalented gorgeous woman, full with Spanish temperament. She was and is loved bymany. From the very first moment. What’s inside counts. Nikki was known as anhonest and reliable person. “Dutch influences” she called these characteristicsof hers. The Netherlands, that’s where her heart would always be...

The day that Nikki turned eighteen her grandmother surprised her withthe most fantastic gift ever. Packed in a lovely little white box with a goldenlid, was a heirloom that had been in the family Lissoni for ages. A necklacewith a charming coin, but at the same time odd and extraordinary too. Shedidn’t recognize the signs on the decorated coin – it was not making sense atall. “The meaning of this coin - my sweet child – differs from person toperson”, grandmother told her lovingly. “As I am the one that gives you thiscoin and you are the one that receives my precious gift, the two of us willdecide what the meaning of this coin will be. Please sustain this age-oldtradition, Nikki. A tradition of luck, love and wonderful memories. What’sinside counts. This is my wish for you.”

Because of these words and the most cherished gift that she had keptby heart since then, Nikki stayed true to tradition. She kept her word. Thetradition continued with the jewelry of Nikki Lissoni with necklaces, pendantsand the most extraordinary coins. A different wish for each coin. Your wish.What’s inside counts.

Baroque Rose Gold plate 15mm Stud Earrings
Nikki Lissoni Combined Bangle W-Chain Rose Gold Plate
Nikki Lissoni Pendant Square Swarovski Rose Gold Plate
nikki Lissoni Vintage Curls Rose Gold Plate 33mm Coin